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Principle of ultraviolet aging test box and matters needing attention
Release time:2019-8-7

The ultraviolet aging test box USES the bright ultraviolet lamp as the lamp source, through simulating the ultraviolet radiation source and cold doubt in the natural sunlight, it speeds up the aging resistance experiment on the material, so as to obtain the aging resistance result of the material.Can simulate natural weather in ultraviolet light, rain, high temperature, high and low temperature, essence dew, dark and other environmental conditions, through the reproduction of these conditions, combined into a cycle, and let it automatically complete the cycle frequency.

Notes for use of uv aging test box

1. During the operation of equipment, abundant water resources must be maintained.

2. The time of opening the tail door should be avoided as far as possible during the experiment stage.

3. The sensing technology equipment in the working room should not be exposed to super strong silver adhesive tape.

4. Non-full-time employees cannot be controlled at will.

5. If the equipment fails to be detected by yourself, please contact our company.

6. If the uv aging test box needs to be used again after long-term disuse, please carefully use water resources, switching power supply and components, and restart the equipment after confirming the accuracy.

7. Due to the obvious harm of ultraviolet radiation sources to employees (especially to both eyes), the control employees should try to avoid exposure to ultraviolet light (contact time should be <1mln).It is recommended to control employees to wear safety protective goggles and wire protector.